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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply more than one category

Yes. Candidates can choose to enter into more than one category if they wish. If they do, candidates will need to submit additional application forms. Applicants will need to pay for each category he or she enters into. Candidates can only play one musical instrument for each application. 

How much is the application fee?

Application fee is HK$480 per category.

Chamber/ Duet are same.

What is the time limit for the competition performance


Do I get a certification if I didn’t win?

Yes. All candidates will receive an e-certificate and a juries’ comment sheet in digital format.

Who can get the trophy?

All candidates are qualified to order the trophy which is at an additional cost.

How long will the competition result be announced?

Results will be announced in about 6 weeks after the video submitting deadline.


March 2024 Competition

Deadline 31st Dec 2023

Submit separate forms for each category

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